Use the purchase on account via PayPal

Purchase on account with PayPal - the advantages:
Purchasing on account via PayPal has several different advantages. The main criterion is that you - as a buyer - are well protected in online trading  with PayPal. Since PayPal pays the invoice directly to the merchant, he does not receive any information about your personal bank details or your credit card.

Additional advantages:
- No transaction costs. PayPal only requires the merchant to pay a fee for payment processing. This payment service is free of charge for buyers.
- No fees for your credit card. Many merchants today charge a fee when paying by credit card. These do not apply to the cardholder.
- Immediate shipping. Even when buying on account, PayPal pays the purchase amount to the merchant without delay. He will then immediately send the goods you have ordered.
- No advance payment. Especially with relatively unknown online shops, you don't have the strange feeling of paying for something that you have not yet received.
Do I need an account for purchase on account?
You do not need to set up an extra PayPal account to purchase on account with PayPal. All you have to do is provide an email address and bank account when shopping. After a short credit check, the goods are paid for by PayPal and the merchant can send the goods to you. You will then only receive an invoice from PayPal by email. You then only have to pay the invoice directly to the payment provider within 14 days. Even if you can purchase on account via PayPal without an account, it is advisable to set up a PayPal account. Because as an account holder you enjoy various advantages such as PayPal buyer protection. Furthermore, it is easy to apply for subsequent partial payments in the PayPal account. The clear presentation of the account balance and payments is also an advantage. By the way: PayPal account management is also free of charge for you as a buyer!

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