Metaxa from Greece


The traditional company Metaxa has been producing Greek spirits since 1888. The Greek winemaker Spyros Metaxas created the first Metaxa this year and chose an ancient Greek coin with a warrior as its logo. This was found in the ground during the construction of the factory. The presentation of this new spirit at various world exhibitions helped the brand gain international recognition and brought the company numerous awards. Metaxa quickly became a supplier to the Greek and Serbian courts. From the year 1900, the Metaxa was also exported to the USA for the first time.

Although these are mostly classic brandies, they differ in that a secret blend of herbs is added. Metaxa is also no longer referred to as Cognac, since the French region of Cognac is now protected under trademark law. The Metaxa spirits specialties are exposed to different refining processes and also stored and matured in oak barrels/limousine oak barrels. This is how they get their peculiar golden yellow color. The taste of the Samos grapes, as well as the resulting aged wine distillates and the addition of Mediterranean plants and herbs, create a unique taste. This aroma is also found in various Metaxa sauces used in Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. The Metaxa brand has belonged to the French spirits group Remy Cointreau since 2000.

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